Catladymori’s EBooks

Two main themes have run through much of my adult life, namely cats and books. My first cat rescue was in the middle 70’s. Since then I’ve rescued many more stray and feral (wild) cats.

I published my first book in the middle 70’s too and learned first hand about printing costs and inventory storage. Thereafter, I created books on demand, using photocopying and staple binding. Trying to get good photo resolution was frustrating though. Then photoshop and ebook publishing came along and the process became much easier.

It is a truism that writers should write about what they know. So it’s not surprising that several of my ebooks are about what I’ve learned in cat rescue! But of course I have other interests too that find their way into print. Here are some of my ebooks.

Feral cats are cats that have been abandoned and turned wild, and their offspring. Typically they cannot be touched though some will gradually become used to it. Their wildness makes rescuing and sheltering them more complex ….read more

One of my feral cats developed jaw cancer. The vet had some ways of making him comfortable but then I discovered how audio frequencies could dramatically reduce his pain. That led me on a journey of learning about all the different kinds of frequencies and how they work. Read more here. See the video here. Download and try frequencies here

It is difficult to rent housing while sheltering animals. Being a nomadic spirit that wasn’t interested in a mortgage, in the late 80’s I began exploring living in different types of  trailers and RVs (recreational vehicles).….read more

Back around 2009 I got my first digital camera and went nuts with macro photography and Photoshop, even combining it with some drawing and calligraphy. I also have a wild imagination which supplied short verses and vignettes to match the photos. ….read more

In 2012 I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back which causes other problems as well. I began looking for work I could do online at home. I’ve explored a number of possibilities including eCommerce, affiliate marketing and working part time online for a virtual call centre for a charity. Since the cats that live with me are all seniors, I’m grateful to have more time with them in their last years …read more

While many people know me for my work with animals, most of my jobs that allowed me to do that were in the security industry. Some of those jobs included alarm monitoring…read more

I’m still writing, more ebooks in the works. Stay tuned!