Online Work: What’s In It For You?

onlineworkcover copy
Most people think about marketing when they think about online work. But there are other opportunities too and they’re not always obvious.

Many employment counselors know little to nothing about online work and don’t even suggest the possibilities to work seekers.

This author began exploring types of online work when she became physically disabled. She experimented with different types of businesses, built websites, created her own products and just generally developed an overview of online opportunities.

And that overview is just what this ebook contains. It includes some free opportunities (for different types of marketing, website building  and self publishing). And it also includes places to look for other opportunities.

Could online work be your answer to a disability or some other personal situation?

Is online work or a home business part of your dream of a perfect life?

If you answered yes to either of these questions you owe it to yourself to download and read this ebook.

Download in PDF format.

Download epub format for e-reading devices.