Animal Rescue Tools

When I began working with sound frequencies with animals, I discovered two frequencies that were excellent for distraught newly trapped feral cats in a feral trap/neuter/release program. I described how they worked for Tattle-no-Tail here.

I expect these sound frequencies would also be excellent non-invasive therapy for wild or abused animals or even panicked pets.

These two sound frequencies are a type of frequency called Brainwave Entrainment. Basically, the brain begins imitating the rhythm of the frequency. Different rhythms create different brainwave states each of which has its own chemistry. More about that here. The listener only hears the music, not the frequencies embedded in it.

Control Stress  $14.95

bwstresscontrolThis combination of frequencies causes “spontaneous relaxation of mind and body”. The newly trapped feral cat stopped her crying. When I listened to it I felt like I was melting. The animal/person has no choice but to relax. Available here.


Endorphin Release    $14.95

bwendorphinEndorphins are mild pain relievers and “feel good” brain chemicals. When the trapped feral cat relaxed but still wouldn’t eat, I remembered that the vet had said cats won’t eat unless they feel good. I played this sound frequency and she began to eat  Available here.


While these frequency recordings have been very helpful so many times with my animals, there are many more frequencies that are helpful with humans. They include anti-aging, sleep aids, frequencies that duplicate crystals and essential oils frequencies and meditation aids. Learn more about them here .