A Guide to Audio Frequencies for Healing Rescue Animals, Pets & People


Are you struggling to medicate a resistant child or pet? Or maybe you’re concerned about taking too many pills yourself? There’s an easier, safer way. Listen to your medicine!

Audio frequencies can help you, your child and your pet, feel better, sleep better, relieve pain, relieve stress, enhance mood and lose weight. And you don’t have to keep returning to the store for a refill. You purchase an audio frequency once and then listen to it whenever you need it.

I began using an audio frequency to help a wild rescue cat with jaw cancer. The frequency helped the cat dramatically so I began exploring audio frequencies for rescue cats and myself and found a whole new world of natural remedies.

This ebook describes what I learned about the different types of audio frequencies, the different ways in which they work and where they may be purchased. Recordings of some of the frequencies I have used are available for download here.

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