How to Make a Recreational Vehicle Your Home


Who wants to live in an RV? There are lots of answers to that question.

People who are renting who want to keep their animals.

People who want to live close to Nature and live lightly on the Earth. Solar and wind power kits are even available for RVs.

People who want low rent, privacy, a garden and animals.

People who want their dwelling to be portable. Contractors working away from their home for months at a time. People whose main home is being built, rebuilt or extensively renovated. Relatives or caregivers who need to be near the person who requires care. People like my in-laws who would go to their RV on the lake instead of a summer cottage on the lake.

RVs can be a solution for all of these living situations and more. But if they don’t know much about RVs, people might not realize RVs could be a their answer. So this ebook describes RV living, its advantages and factors to consider in making this lifestyle decision.

This is not meant to be a technical users manual but rather to share information about the RV lifestyle.

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